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Hello and welcome to International Employment Lawyer (IEL) – your new home for timely reporting and analysis of the latest news and trends affecting the management of global workforces.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for something beyond the usual client briefings that look at issues through a purely domestic lens. Instead, as a general counsel, in-house, private practice, or c-suite reader, you need answers to questions with a global perspective.

IEL’s goal is to answer those global questions by producing high-quality, engaging content that offers practical insight into the important business, legal, and compliance issues affecting multinational organisations and industries.

From privacy, global mobility, and employee benefits, to the sharpening focus on bullying, sexual harassment, and discrimination; and from collective bargaining to internal investigations; as well as the gig economy and what the future of employment will look like, we’ve got you covered with our complimentary weekly briefing of news and in-depth features.

To assist IEL’s in-house team, we have assembled a veritable who's who of expert international employment lawyers on our 16-member-strong editorial board. These cross-border specialists are strategically located across 15 countries and six continents to help guide IEL’s journalism.

In the months ahead we will also be providing a host of additional products and services to IEL users, including guides recognising the world’s foremost employment practitioners and law firms, thought-leadership webinars and roundtables, practical research tools, and bespoke market reports.

Finally, we want to be seen as a credible interlocutor and a voice for the international employment law community. That means we want to hear directly from you, our soon-to-be loyal readers. What are the issues that most affect you and your clients? What trends and challenges should we shine our light upon? What does the future of employment law look like for your company and industry?

We look forward to asking and answering those questions and more each week here at IEL.

John van der Luit-Drummond