Biden-Harris administration is changing the employment landscape
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US Department of Labor, Washington, DC
Susan Harthill
Susan Harthill is a partner at Morgan Lewis & Bockius and a former deputy solicitor for national operations at the US Department of Labor
Elizabeth Goldberg
Elizabeth Goldberg is a partner at Morgan Lewis & Bockius with a focus on Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) matters
Eleanor Pelta
Eleanor Pelta is a partner at Morgan Lewis & Bockius and a specialist in immigration and nationality law


Early policy changes from the Biden-Harris administration have ushered in a more pro-employee approach to workplace issues. While much attention has been paid to issues like a $15 minimum wage and support for unions, the administration also has addressed multi-employer plans, diversity training, and immigration laws. We break down a few of the proposals that could alter the landscape for employers.

ESG and ERISA fiduciaries