IEL Monitor - user guide


The IEL Monitor is a fully searchable resource that catalogues incoming and recently enacted employment and labour legislation.

The My Monitor feature allows users to save items for greater ease of tracking; My Monitor entries can also be exported to PDF. 

Users can search by Geography (country or region), Status, Timeline, and Subject: 

  • Status

Each entry in the Monitor is catalogued according to the stage it is at in the legislative process. Our four stages are as follows:

   PROPOSED - the initial stages of the legislative process

   DRAFT - the first formal draft has been released but is subject to amendments and approvals

   ENACTED - the relevant authority has approved the final draft 

   EFFECTIVE - the legislation is in force

  • Timeline

Users can search by timelines to capture all incoming legislative changes. Searches can be refined by geography, status, and/or subject, and key words.

  • Subject

Our subject taxonomy has been developed alongside HR teams and private practice experts from across the world, and is divided into umbrella categories and subcategories.


Full list of umbrella categories and subcategories:


Hiring, recruitment & talent management

   Application & hiring practices
   Pre-hire checks (criminal, medical, drugs & alcohol)
   Process & technology (AI)
   Diversity hiring initiatives
   Training & development (review processes, tests, assessments, etc)

Employment contracts

   Provision of employment contracts
   Terms & conditions (transparency, language & signature requirements, etc)
   Probationary period
   Wage & salary (minimum wage, sectoral pay, break time, overtime, etc)

Working time

   Rest days
   Daily breaks

Worker classification & atypical working

   Independent contractors
   Agency workers
   Contingent workers
   Part-time workers
   Fixed-term workers
   Zero-hours contracts
   Flexible working
   Hybrid working
   Remote working
   Employee versus worker

Foreign workers

   Visa processes
   National citizen labour quotas (eg, Emiratisation in UAE)
   Posted workers (EU)


   Payslips & records
   Wage base & rates
   Reporting, allocation, withholding 

Pay & leave

   Annual leave/pay (holiday)
   Maternity leave/pay
   Paternity leave/pay
   Adoption leave/pay
   Parental bereavement leave/pay
   Neonatal leave/pay
   Miscarriage leave/pay
   Menstrual leave/pay
   Menopause leave/pay
   Sick leave/pay
   Carer’s leave/pay
   Domestic abuse leave/pay
   Time off for dependants
   Emergency measures leave/pay (eg furlough schemes)


   Incentive & bonus plans
   Equity compensation
   Stock plans
   Performance shares & proxy


   Disability (benefits & accommodations)
   Health & welfare (employee assistance, related incentives plans, etc)
   Commuter benefits

Pensions, social security, tax

   Social security

Data protection

   Data classification
   Data management
   Monitoring, surveillance, screening
   Employee notification processes 

Workforce transitions & employee transfers

   (inc ARD, TUPE)

Labour relations 

   Works councils (eg, European Works Council Directive (EU))
   Trade unions
   Collective bargaining
   Industrial action

Employee conduct

   Drug & alcohol testing

Diversity, equity & inclusion (inc general employment equality)

   Discrimination & harassment (inc EEOC US)
   Protected characteristics under equality acts (age, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion, gender etc)
   Gender recognition
   Data collection & reporting
   Equal pay
   Pay transparency & reporting

Environmental, social, & corporate governance (ESG)

Required HR provisions

    Health & safety
    Required workplace postings/signage
    Required workplace provisions (prayer rooms, breastfeeding rooms etc)
    Whistleblowing procedures
    Working environment policies

Termination & dismissal

   Redundancy rights
   Collective/mass redundancy/WARN (US)
   Settlement/severance agreements, payments
   Required separation forms (performance, behaviour, restructure, voluntary)

Post-employment procedures

   Non-compete agreements
   Non-solicitation agreements
   Intellectual property
   Confidential information

Human rights & supply chains

   Modern slavery
   Child labour


If you would like to suggest an amendment or addition to the taxonomy, or have any questions, please contact IEL Content Manager Amy Barnicoat-Hood

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