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06. Do employers have any scope to reduce the salaries and/or benefits of employees who work remotely?

06. Do employers have any scope to reduce the salaries and/or benefits of employees who work remotely?

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Teleworking employees have the same rights and obligations as any other employees, which implies that no reduction in salaries or benefits is admissible, in principle. Under Portuguese labour law, employers cannot reduce basic remuneration unless there is a demotion, which must be, in any case, expressly authorised by both the employee and the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT).

Reducing or cancelling any other payments to remote workers would be deemed discriminatory, and therefore illegal, except for situations where valid grounds could justify it.

Moreover, concerning reducing or suppressing benefits, the fact that benefits have been granted regularly over the years may lead to their qualification as acquired rights of the employees and part of employees’ remuneration, which would mean restrictions on the termination, reduction or alteration of such payments.

During the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, there was debate over whether employees were still entitled to a meal allowance if they were teleworking, since the cause for payment would cease to exist (ie, employees would no longer be forced to spend money on out-of-home meals). However, the government clarified that, under the special compulsory teleworking regime (whenever the nature of the functions being performed was compatible with it), employees retain the right to a meal allowance, based on the principle of equal rights for on-site employees and teleworkers. It is now fairly and widely accepted that such meal allowances cannot be withdrawn based on the circumstances of teleworking employees.

Last updated on 13/07/2022