Irina Kostina
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Ellex Klavins
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+371 678 14862

Irina Kostina is the Head of the Employment Law Practice, she has more than 18 years of legal practice, specializing in various employment law and dispute resolution issues.

Irina specializes in legal relationships with board members and executives, as well as complex international business transfer and reorganization transactions. Irina helps clients organize internal investigation processes in case of employee violations. Irina has experience in providing and posting employees, which also requires knowledge of corporate and tax law.

Irina's experience includes representing clients in administrative and civil courts, as well as in arbitration courts. Irina advises on commercial law, tax, public procurement and insolvency matters, advises and represents clients in the recognition and enforcement of foreign court rulings and arbitration awards, and cooperates with bailiffs in the enforcement process.

Irina is the author of numerous publications in local and foreign magazines, as well as an experienced lecturer at seminars and conferences on employment law and employment disputes. Since 2016, Irina has been an arbitrator at the Arbitration Court of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.